Yoga is in BELIEVING. Believing in More

August 7, 2017

Yoga has an intelligence of its own. It is reaching more people, speaking more languages, finding new ways to be expressed, inspiring conversations, traveling around the world, collaborating with other art forms, etc. I am a big believer in the concept of doing what you love. I started my yoga journey exactly 7  months ago, January 1st 2017. I could not have made a better decision for myself.   Continue Reading


Activate good stuff in your nuts

Omg, You can’t imagine how much I love activated nuts! They are remarkably less bitter, taste sweeter, deliciously more-ish and feel so much lighter in the digestive system. Plus, sooo crunchy and crisp. Activating nuts is super important process  for me as eating raw nuts and seeds bother my digestive system. For…

March 18, 2017

Time for Yourself

You are a caring, creative, beautiful, hard-working human being, and you deserve this time to take care of  yourself the best you can. I’m sharing with my weekend ideas, and hoping to inspire you to take a day off — completely —  just for yourself.…

February 22, 2017
Namibia Photography

Sa Fa Ri

When I was little I used to dream about living in the jungles just like the Mowgli or that I could fly like a bird and that I would learn to speak the language of the animals in the forest or that of the most…

November 26, 2016

The African Princess

Wearing a wardrobe of earthy colors, animal prints and mixed textures, I am taking you on an epic journey full of wild animals, hot air balloons, and breathtaking scenery.…

November 26, 2016

Ocean baths with Sea Lions

I drove to the Skeleton Coast which  is the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean coast of  Namibia wearing little black dress…MISTAKE NUMBER 1. I know I’m a horrible packer when it comes to travel. I always pack wrong “temperature wise” outfits. When it’s cold – I pack my shorts…

November 20, 2016
Africa Namibia OUTFIT

Hello YOUTUBE ♡ Introducing AFRICAN Series

Hello loves! I am so excited to share with you all the travel diaries on my Youtube channel . Yay! This week I will take you to what I honestly believe to be one of the most pure places in the world, Namibia. It’s been a year already…

November 5, 2016

Best of MFW

Sometimes it ends up DIFFERENT and it is BETTER that way или Там где другие искали славы и денег, я искала смысл. …

October 21, 2016

Dear Sweater

There’s nothing better than that cozy, comfy sweater that you can throw on over anything and cuddle up in against the cool air. I love the weather in early October because you can still wear some of your summer clothes,like skirts and jeans and add…

October 17, 2016