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Sunday Series, Write This Day Down

Spend money. Change your hairstyle. Sell your old clothes and pursue your new style with the money you get from it. Be strong. Be patient. Get drunk if you want to, but not every weekend. Buy a chocolate bar every week when your favorite…

February 28, 2016

First Blooms of Spring  ’16

SPRING A beautiful time for a new growth, both within us and around us. It’s a wave of freshness. It is LOVE. It is AIR… and we all shall feel it together.…

February 27, 2016

Drink Yourself Clean; 3-Day Juice Cleanse

My very first 3-day juice cleanse experience 🙂 It was such an exciting challenge. I have never done a serious juice cleanse before. Truth be told, I was never prepared enough. Well, until now 🙂 These past few months came in a bit hard; I was stressed and overemotional. I…

February 21, 2016
Morocco PARIS

Magic Does Exist

Sometimes you have to disconnect in order to reconnect with the naturally extraordinary things on this beautiful earth. …

February 2, 2016

Sunday Series, Paris

Parisein Sundays are all about chilling out – grabbing a coffee, taking pictures, heading to your favorite parks and smelling roses along the way. Vibrant colors of the most beautiful rustic flowers will catch your eyes at the Bleuet Coquelicot. Your day promises to be good, whether you are…

January 29, 2016

Paris’s Fashion Sound x Sudio Earphones

Hi loves ♥ What I really love to do when the fashion week is over is to listen to the songs that were played on the runways. It drags me back to that special moment when you arrive to the show, find your seat and…

January 28, 2016

Clean State

I wipe it all clean and start a new chapter of my life, holding to lessons learned and jumping high for those on their own way.  I reflect on change. On constants. On black and white, on pale soft colors, on patterns and shapes.…

January 13, 2016

Lacy Pieces to Be Shown Off

All too often, the most gorgeous items in our wardrobes are hidden from view. Tucked away into drawers, stashed into protective silk satchels, layered beneath tees and shirts and jackets. I’m talking, of course, of our intimates. Lacy and delicate, these pieces are made to…

January 9, 2016