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Finland Photography

Wilderness School

On our trip to Finland, we were fortunated to meet Eva Mäkinen, who showed us around Finland, tough us how to camp, shoot the night sky, make fire, cook salmon, and so much more. She is the kindest being and wonderful photographer, who is currently studying to…

October 10, 2016
Finland Photography

Holidays On The Shore

If you’re looking for the perfect Gateway in Finland, look no further than Tynkkylän Lomaniemi, a place to relax, swim and watch the Norhern lights. The area has 15 hectares under cultivation, 110 hectares of forest, 3000 meters of shoreline and 14 beautiful cottages, among which Iltarusko 4993 is my favorite one. …

October 9, 2016
COFFEE Finland

Guide Me In Helsinki, Finland

Two beautiful days in Helsinki were enough to fall in love with this lovely city. The fact that I was there not alone  but together with my friend Alina Kolot made this trip so special and warm. It was definetely Time Of My Life.…

October 7, 2016
Finland Photography

Fall. But Don’t Fall

There Comes A Time When The World Gets Quite And The Only Thing Left It’s Your Own Heart.  So You’d Better Learn The Sound Of It. Otherwise You’ll Never Understand What It’s Saying ∼ Sarah Dessen ∼…

October 3, 2016