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Paris’s Fashion Sound x Sudio Earphones

Hi loves ♥ What I really love to do when the fashion week is over is to listen to the songs that were played on the runways. It drags me back to that special moment when you arrive to the show, find your seat and…

January 28, 2016

Xmas Magic Playlist

Well kittens, this is it. Several hours are left before Christmas knocks our doors. I love this time of the year so much. It’s time to gather by the big table and share most delish food. It’s time to hide and open gifts.  It’s time to cuddle with your love…

December 20, 2015

‘Good Vibes’ Playlist

Happy Monday everyone! O.M.G, If you only knew how much I’ve missed you guys! As you know, I was totally disconnected from all kind of social networks for 10 days. I had the best time of my life reconnecting with the universe, nature and people in the…

November 30, 2015

‘Right For U’ Playlist

What I love most about electronic music is that so much of the time you don’t really need to worry about what a song is about. It reminds you of specific moments and makes you feel the world differently through unconventional sonic artistry. Will Phillips’ single, “Waves,”…

November 2, 2015